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1690 Winding Stair Replication

This 1690 house, located in Merrimacport, Massachusetts had survived largely intact for nearly 300 years Except for its font Winding stairway, which had been replaced with a terrible, 20th Century stair. The historically minded owner wanted the original stairway replicated. Research in the house, and in local houses of its same time, revealed the details of the original stair. We replicated it in perfect detail including the self supporting frame and hand turned spindles. All the woodwork was hand planed, including the panels and mouldings. We created the cupboard pictured below in the space where the 20th Century basement stair had been cut into the parlor chimney wall. The carved shell conceals the upper landing of the stairway, so that the top line of the panels could be maintained.

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1690 Saltbox, Merrimacport , Massachusetts
The finished stairway before painting. This stair is an historically accurate reproduction of the missing original.
This photo shows the mortice and tenon jointed, free standing stair frame before being installed.
This photo shows the stairway during the installation of treads, risers, spindles, and before the post caps and panelwork w
This photo shows the beautiful arched shell cupboard that was created to fill in the gap left by the removal of an unfortuna

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