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Antique Stove Restoration

Union Crawford cook stove manufactured by Union Stove Works in Boston, MA circa 1910 - 1930. Manufactured in solid cast iron with nickel trim bars and a matte, black finish. Stove underwent a full restoration. Heat-resistant paint applied to change stove color from a traditional black stove to a custom color stove in blue with glossy finish. Changed back from a back with trivets to a back with double shelves.

Antique Stove Restoration Steps Outlined Below...

  • Catalog missing parts, broken grates, and damage to old stove
  • Dismantle vintage stove
  • Weld breaks, cracks, damaged areas and broken stove parts
  • Fabricate missing stove parts or broken stove pieces
  • Sandblast cast iron and clean surfaces
  • Reassemble antique stove
  • Paint vintage stove with a temperature resistant paint
  • Seal old stove for an airtight burn
  • Replace hinges and pins
  • Reset oven and firebox doors for close tight fit
  • Check latches for a tight close
  • Replace grates
  • Line with firebrick
  • Add new ash pan and lid lifter
  • Redo nickeling as needed, buff nickeling
Goshen, MA
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