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Basement Waterproofing Before and After

Our unique process for waterproofing old fieldstone and brick walls starts with powerwashing. This removes all the loose mortar, finishes and dust from the walls. The next step is to fill and point the large voids with a waterproofing mortar. We then apply two coats of a waterproofing slurry, which penetrates into mortar joints preventing the migration of moisture through the wall. The products we use are produce crystals which fill the capillaries of concrete and mortar. The results are phenomenally successful in STOPPING the flow of water through old foundation walls. The final step, which is optional, is a coat of additional waterproofing which creates a whitewash finished look. The crystallizing additive is just as effective, and easier to apply, over block and poured concrete walls. We also recommend adding the waterproofing additive to new foundation walls and slabs.

Read more on S+H's blog about waterproofing fieldstone foundation walls here.

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Powerwashing old fieldstone and brick foundation walls
Old foundation walls after powerwashing and before waterproofing
Applying the final coat of waterproofing
Foundation walls after waterproofing
Foundation walls after waterproofing

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