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Basement Waterproofing

We developed a technique for waterproofing basements that has proven to be 100% successful. It works for brick, concrete, and fieldstone foundations. We use crystals which grow in the presence of water and fill capillaries in the stonework as they expand. This prevents water from penetrating the foundation walls, period. It works so well, we have yet to receive a callback from a dissatisfied customer.
A huge advantage of our method is that because it stops moisture from entering from the INSIDE, there is no need to mess with drains, sump pumps, or disrupt any of the landscaping. Foundation walls are also strengthened and consolidated, providing structural improvement.

Cambridge Basement Waterproofing

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Foundation wall after pressure washing and cleaning
First coat and filling large voids in masonry
Wire mesh install
Applied first coat wire mesh
Final coat, damp proofing

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