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Carroll County Court House

I was called to come take a look at some sizable columns on the Carroll County Courthouse. Upon arrival and inspection it was noted that a couple of the columns had substantial damage to the lower sections with one in particular suffering extensive damage. The remaining columns had issues with the separation of the staves and much of the original filler material was loose and falling out and all the columns had deteriorating paint. Hence the scope of work was to scrape and prepare the exterior surfaces, remove the failing filler material, prepare those areas with epoxy consolidate and then fill with epoxy putty. Once done normal surface preparation could commence again on those areas. Work proceeded downward in about six to seven foot sections.
The base of the badly damaged column was cut out in a section using a jig to hold everything together, once the repair was complete to the section it was epoxied back into place. There was also considerable repair necessary to the column bases with some of the plinth blocks having to be completely replaced. After completing surface preparation two coats of oil primer were applied followed by two coats of finish paint.

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New Hampshire
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Before any work has begun.
Containment system set up with staging.
Working within a wall of plastic.
Cracks between staves are prepared with consolidate.
Stave cracks are filled with epoxy putty.
Preparing to remove damaged base section.
Damaged base section cut out from column.
Base section out for repair.
Base of column repair completed.
Project is complete.

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