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Maple staircase painting and staining.

Jcb Painting was hired to paint and stain this maple staircase that had maple stair treads and banisters that the home owner wanted to match to the existing hardwood floor. The hardwood floor was a pre finished type so a lot of mixing of different stain colors was needed before finally getting the right color match.

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the maple staircase before painting and staining.
the after image of maple staircase.
testing different color stains to get the right match.
maple stair treads before staining.
maple stair treads after staining. a perfect match to the floor.
before stair treads and banisters were stained.
After image of the finished stained maple staircase. A perfect match to the existing hardwood floor.
before image of maple banister and post before staining.
the finished maple banister and post after staining and varnishing.

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