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Restoration of Lt. Gov. Jonathan Hunt House, Vernon, Vermont

The project was historic house restoration. In 1987 I was commissioned to provide the working plan for restoration of the Lt. Gov. Jonathan Hunt House in Vernon, Vermont. My work included inspecting & investigating the building in detail; measuring & drafting Existing Condition documents; and then drafting the working plans for restoration. The rear half of the main floor had previously been stripped of original wall boards, interior partitions, and a rear stairway. The three original fireplaces on the main floor were found to have been changed, with smaller fireboxes built within the originals, thankfully without damage to the original fireboxes. The later brickwork was removed, uncovering rear wall beehive ovens. Clues were found to locate the placement of original interior wall partitions & the original back stair. I found a large notch cut into one rear corner post at the time of original construction. I determined this was at the exact right height above the floor to support the center board of the original 2-step winder of this stairway, verified by other clues found in the floor and ceiling. A large formal corner cupboard was in the house, not fixed to any walls. So, the problem was to find its original location. This was done by examining the joinery in the wainscot in the two front parlors. I found joints which were a perfect match for the width of the cupboard and it was put back in its place. Some new wall boards were made up and installed to replace the missing, original ones. The original panel work in the front rooms of both main and second floor had been undisturbed, and some delicate refinishing brought them back to original condition.
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Vernon, Vermont
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Restored Keeping Room fireplace and replicated paneling.
Uncovered Original Oven in Keeping Room fireplace
Replicated rear stairway (lower section) with winder steps shown.
Replicated rear stairway seen from second floor.
Replaced Original corner cupboard in North Parlor.

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