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Rockefeller Hall

Rich in history ourselves, Hascall & Hall is always proud to be entrusted with renovations on historic properties. One of our favorite renovation projects took place in an idyllic setting in a town called Winter Harbor, located on the Schoodic Peninsula in Maine’s Acadia National Park. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, such an historic property deserves its story to be shared.

Our portion of the renovation was simple and complex at the same time. Our efforts were focused on the dismantling, NOT the demolition of seven stairways. Six of the sets of stairs were at entrances to the building and the seventh was a long stairway leading to an elevated outdoor patio.

The dismantling of the steps was documented photographically and by painstakingly removing each brick and stone, while methodically numbering each one to be put back in exactly the same spot upon rebuilding; essentially creating a blueprint to preserve the historic uniqueness of the hall’s exterior.

As seen in the pictures, the steps were made of fieldstone, brick and concrete caps and treads. In historic masonry structures, mortar failure will often be the enemy of the bricks and stone.

MORE at The Building Arts Notebook blog.

Winter Harbor
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Front Entrance Before the Restoration
Front Entrance After
Long Stairs Before the Restoration
Long Stairs After
Small Stairs Before the Restoration
Small Stairs After

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